FLOW 啤酒雞蛋滋潤健髮洗髮皂 (刺激新髮生長) (100g)








  • 啤酒雞蛋洗髮皂是有機天然手工皂,蘊含有機植物油、草本精華及精油,配方專為頭髮稀疏薄弱人士而設。
  • 雞蛋營養極其豐富,蘊含蛋白質、礦物質、生物素、葉酸、維他命 A、維他命 D 及維他命 B 群。這些營養素特別是生物素及維他命 B 群可鞏固髮根,治療脫髮尤其有效;同時亦刺激新髮生長,令秀髮豐盈濃密。
  • 啤酒中的蛋白質及維他命滋潤髮絲,修護受損秀髮,令頭髮變得豐盈。
  • 其麥芽糖及蔗糖成分緊緊包裹頭髮角質層,令秀髮有色澤,亮麗動人。






最後可使用 Flow Cosmetic 免沖洗濃縮護髮露,或其他品牌的護髮素或自制的蘋果醋護髮素。




Massage into wet hair until a good lather forms. Rinse quickly a little bit and repeat lathering. There needs to be plenty of lather to get the best result. When there is enough lather, massage your scalp and rinse with warm water.

Remember to lather the hair strands and tips too, not only the scalp.

Finish with Flow hair rinse, homemade ACV-rinse or your choice of conditioner.

* Soap cannot be left in standing water.


Sodium Cocoate*, Butyrospermun Parkii Butter*, Glycerin, Aqua, Beer,  Ricinus Communis Seed Oil*, Ovum (Egg Yolks)*, Montmorillonite, Mel*, Equisetum Arvense Herb*, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil*, Cananga Odorata Oil*, Pogostemon Patchouli Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract*, Linalool**, Benzyl Benzoate**

* Certified organic or wild grown ingredient *經過認證的有機或野生成分
** Occurs naturally in essential oil **自然發生在精油中


English Description

Beer & Egg Shampoo Soap (100g)

It is formulated for thin & lifeless hair, also suitable for dry & damaged hair.

Beer & Egg Shampoo Soap is entirely ecological, made with organic plant oils, herbs and essential oils. It is specially formulated to cleanse and care for particularly thin and lifeless hair.

Eggs are power-packed with proteins, minerals, biotin, folate, vitamin A, vitamin D and B-complex vitamins that are essential hair nutrients. These nutrients, especially biotin and B-complex vitamins, help curb hair loss by strengthening the roots of your hair. They also help stimulate new hair growth, adding volume and thickening your hair. 

The proteins and vitamins found in beer nourishes and repairs damaged hair and boost overall body. The maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine.

  • Formulated for thin & lifeless hair, also suitable for dry & damaged hair
  • Super moisturizing
  • Help curb hair loss & stimulate new hair growth
  • Increase hair volume & strength
  • Organic & natural, chemical free

Beer & Egg Shampoo Soap is specially formulated to cleanse and care for particularly thin and lifeless hair. Beer and egg provide the hair with nutrition for increased volume and strength. It is also moisturizing and thus suitable for dry scalp and hair. You can also use this shampoo for treated, such as coloured or permed hair.

* Soap cannot be left in standing water.

* The product is not vegan, containing eggs.

Origin: Finland